Thirteen Brother Pirates

Thirteen Brother Pirates Adventure Books Boys Will Read

"This is the next great pirate adventure!"
Mother of three children

"Move over Jack Sparrow!  These pirates rock!"

Johnny, 12

"Great story!  My daughter and I read it together and loved it!"

Father of two girls

"This story spans the age gap between Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Pirates of the Caribbean--an adventure story for late elementary and middle schoolers."

John Mattox, Author

Thirteen Brother Pirates: The Journey Begins

Some journeys have unplanned beginnings.

In 1775 thirteen brothers are forced to join the British Navy and hunt pirates.

Their mission changes when they get attacked and their Captain abandons them in the middle of the North Atlantic!

What happens next is up to them.

Stranded on a disabled ship, they must decide to save themselves or dare the impossible -- save their brothers, find justice and win independence.

Their story begins in London.  Join them to see where it ends.