In late winter 1775 thirteen orphan brothers begin their adventure when they are forced aboard a Royal Navy sloop in London.

They learn how to sail and when their Captain abandons them to become a pirate, they have to learn how to survive.

Join the crew to learn where their journey takes them.


In the spring of 1776 the American Colonies are mustering forces and preparing to declare independence from King George and England.

The brothers, who travelled from London to Nassau last year, each have new journeys to make.

Ainsworth builds his copper business.  Blacktip sets a bold plan to master the sugar markets.  Pierpont seeks revenge.

As independence is declared and a revolution begins, the brothers, like the colonies, face an uncertain future and must find new ways to fight just to survive.  

This year, their story begins in Nassau on New Providence Island.  You'll be surprised where it ends.



THE Journey Begins


In 1777 the War for Independence rages and the fractured states struggle to fight the mighty empire with every resource in their arsenal. 

Likewise, the brothers are scattered across the Atlantic--some in the colonies, some in Europe and some in the Caribbean. With war ever present, each brother must chose a side.  Each brother must become a patriot.  The story begins in many places.  You'll be surprised where it ends!

Thirteen Brother Pirates

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Thirteen Brother Pirates